About Us

Many of us wonder, “How come we weren’t taught about investing in school or at home?”  A few simple but critical lessons may have prevented many of us from finding ourselves in debt without a clue as to why or how to save money.  Even if you are one of the lucky one who has managed to stay on the “right side of compounding”, you still may find yourself thrown to the wolves…the wolves of KLSE.

In today’s fast-paced world, you don’t have time to spare, let alone waste.  If you are spending more then 15 minutes a day watching the market or trading, you are not making efficient use of your time or schedule. Some may think how dare we say that, but what we offer is trading system that is more efficient and more effective.  The time you put into the market will increase in value. There is an old saying, “Time is money.”  We want you to make more money with the time you have.

TrendTrader, founded in 2005, gives you an impartial, no-nonsense investment strategy, showing you investment techniques that teach you how to build long-lasting wealth in the financial market.  Mr. Francis Chan teaches students in his TrendTrader investment system how to “follow market trends…” You will quickly learn these trends and immediately be able to use them to invest in the financial market.

Giving you an edge over the rest of the ‘market players’ is something we teach.  We pride ourselves in the performance we have achieved over the years.  Our proven trading system gives you key information you need and the advantage you deserve.  While we cannot make any guarantees about how well you will do on the market in the future (no one legitimately can do so), we have developed unparalleled expertise in following trends in the market.  Now you can tap into our tested and proven knowledge. 

Mr. Francis Chan's style is clear, credible, and unabashedly candid, and his numerous time-tested strategies prevail.  Many books on popular investment sell ideas like; “Buy and Hold”, “Money-Cost Average” and “Beware of the Investment Bubble.”  TrendTrader shows what really works today and how to make it work for you.  With his ‘trend’ based system, you will find out about:

  • How the market moves
  • How the market works
  • Identify market trend; whether it is uptrend, downtrend, or sideways
  • The best time to enter and exit from the market; enter and exit rules
  • How to minimize losses
  • How to maximize profits
  • "Experts" not always being right
  • The market’s potential margin
  • Ways to avoid the same mistakes
  • Analyzing the circle of TIME and PRICE for trading purposes
  • When the trend will change
  • Criteria to be fulfilled (pricing and timing) when the market trend changes
  • Forecasting the dates and price levels for the next change in trend
  • Significance of trend patterns
  • A viable trading plan and Money management
  • Why people who learn money management win
  • Trading secrets
  • Surprising discoveries in the psychology of trading
  • Detail strategies to achieve higher profits with lower risks
  • How to develop a detailed chart which you can use to identify high probability opportunities as they develop in the future
  • How to avoid the riskier trades with low profit potential

Why our trading system is different

Through our own real-world trading experience, we have developed effective investment strategies. We offer you an unsurpassed trading system that will put you on the path to enjoying an increase in profits from your own financial investment and trading routine. Rather than fill our website with generally useless technical terms, we have developed a user-friendly approach to present our trading systems. We provide straight forward and meaningful directions through which you can follow a proven trading system, a system that works now and into the future. If you wonder about the trading articles and trading news available on our site, we have a newspaper cover story and newspaper interviews for your viewing.  Please click here to view more information.

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Happy Trading,

Francis Chan
Founder, TrendTrader